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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

How To Read A Book -by M.J.Adler & C.V.Doren

How to read a book By M.J.Adler and CV Doran

                   Reading is an important part of intellectual world.It is one of the best method of acquiring knowledge.If we took a glance at the past and looked for humans who changed the flow of history,we would find number of them being voracious readers.Reading provides numerous benefits.It plays crucial role in our success.It supplies best nutrition for the mind.That's why the billionaires,writers,sport persons,social activists, entrepreneurs,leaders and all other people of modern world give specific time for reading.
               Our achievements through reading depend upon what we read?How we much we read? And most importantly How we read?Here we are going to handshake with a book which has become a classic guide for reading since last eighty years.

How To Read A Book
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About the Book:-  

                 'How to Read a Book' was primarily written in 1940 by Mortimer Adler . In 1972 it was revised and updated by Charles Van Doren. Since 1940 this book has helped millions of people to enhance their comprehensive powers in reading.

What we are going to learn from this book?

                How should we read any book? It solely depends upon the purpose we are reading for. There are mainly three purposes for reading
   1) For entertainment
   2) For Information
   3) For Understanding.
           If we are reading for entertainment or information then in both cases we need not to work hard;But if we are reading for understanding then we have to follow some basic rules and we are going to learn these rules here.This book will help you in
*Learning to read for understanding
*Enhancing  critical thinking
*Boosting concentration
*Develop interest in reading ......

Basic Theme of the Book:-

          Since our birth we have gained knowledge about this world through questions and observations. These two are the best tools in activity of gaining knowledge. Our curiosity, our questions are our actual teachers. This book tells us about the questions we should ask to ourselves and how to answer them.


           For our convenience this book can be devided into three parts as follows:-
  Part 1:-     This part speaks about four levels of reading and some general rules related to these levels.The four levels of reading are as follows

         A) Elementary reading:- being able to read words and understand sentences.

         B) Inspectional Reading:-

                      This level has two parts.First part is known as pre -reading or skimming and second part is superficial reading. Skimming  contains going through title,preface,prologue, epilogue,index and other extra things given by writer and publisher.Superficial reading  contains dipping here and there,reading a para or two from each chapters,reading concluding chapters of non fictional books. It helps us in deciding whether we should give our time to the book or not.The inspectional reading tells us about the basic theme of the book and about the questions that the writer is trying to solve.

        C) Analytical reading:-

                     It is most important level composed of many simple but crucial steps.These steps are as follows
* Classify the book- what kind of book it is?
*X-ray the book- find the structure of the book.what is the book about?
*Coming to terms with an author-getting the same meaning of words with which the writer uses them.
*Finding key words-the words on which the writer emphasizes most.
*Determine an authors message
*Criticizing a book fairly-tell whether the writer has solved the problem with which he had started(after competing the reading)
*Agreeing or Disagreeing with an author- tell whether you are convinced with arguments made by writer or not.

    D) Synoptical Reading:-

                     This level consist of reading number of books on the same topic and comparing them.

These four levels can be understood as follows:-
How To Read A Book Summary

    Part 2:-  

This part tells  us how to modify the general rules given in part 1 to various subjects.This part gives step by step description for applying those rules from poetry to mathematics.It tells us how to read most boring subjects with super interest.

Part 3:-   

This part consist of all remaining chapters along with appendix and exercises given for applying the rules that we learned earlier in part 1 and part 2.

                Here I have given only superficial info about the book.I could write about the book in very details but rather than doing that I humbly request you to go through the book .You will definitely love it.While reading this book it seems that the writer is sitting in front of you and teaching you the rules he has discovered through heavy research and experience.I am very sure that after reading this book you will definitely re - read whatever you had read earlier.

Imp note:- Please do not hesitate to give your precious advice for improvement.


  1. Properly structured and well written. Good read!

  2. This was awesome! Since reading it I haven't had a chance to really employ the methods, so I'll have to look back at it next time I'm going to read a heavy book.
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