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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The Magic Of Thinking Big

A wise man will be master of his mind.    A fool will be it's slave.
                      :--Publilius Syrus

                   The Magic Of Thinking Big  written by David Schwartz was originally published in 1959. Since then it has remained a classic guide to attain success.The Magic Of Thinking Big comes in the top list of the self help books.Based on the theme of thought monitoring principle, this book has become a masterpiece for building habit of thinking like a winner.This book consist of nearly 300 pages,fully packed with the worldly wisdom,success farmulae alongwith number of day to day life examples and case studies. This book will help you to succeed in every sector of life.
       There are thirteen chapters in the book.Every chapter teaches about some basic method to modify our thinking for various situations.I urge you not to read this book in a sitting. Read a chapter a day and try to apply whatever you read.After those thirteen days you will definitely find yourself totally changed in terms of thinking.Below I am giving The Magic of Thinking Big in a form of short notes about what can we learn from each chapter.

Chapter 1:-Believe you can succeed and  You will.

                   As the title indicates this chapter talks about our beliefs and how they shape our lives.Believe 'you can' and you will find a way.Believe 'you can't 'and you will loose though you are very close to success.Here the author tells us how our mind works.Consider the mind as factory which produces various ideas , thoughts continuously.There are two foremen in the factory.Mr.Triumph who produces positive thoughts always and Mr.Defeat who produces negative thoughts always. They start working at a slightest signals.If given signal is positive Mr.Triumph will take over produce positive thoughts creating positive result.If given signal is negative Mr.Defeat will take charge and produce negative thoughts leading to negative results.All we have to do is to make Mr.Triumph work all the time. To do that the author gives some simple suggestions-
1)Think success.Don't think failure.Build 'yes I can'           attitude.
2)Always remember that you are better than you think you are.Never sell yourself short.
3) Believe big. Size of your success depends upon size of   your belief.

Chapter 2) Cure yourself of                    Excusitis- the failure disease
              This chapter talks about excusitis, it's forms, symptoms and ways to cure it. Excusitis is habit of making excuses.More successful the individual,less inclined he is to make excuses.Common forms of excusitis are as follows
1)Health Excusitis- we often here people making their health problems as excuse.They use words like 'I couldn't do that because poor health,because of being sick etc etc.Author has given four rules to lick health excusitis as follows 
a)Refuse to talk about  health
b) Refuse to worry about Health
c) Be genuinely grateful for           however  healthy  you are
d) Always remember" It's better  to wear out than to rust out."

2) Intelligence Excusitis-Oh!I am not that intellegent
        This type of attitude brings self deprivation. To cure this
a)Don't underestimate your brain and overestimate others brain power.
b) Remind yourself daily
    " My attitudes are more important than my intellegence."
c) Always remember- Ability to think is of much more value than the ability to memorise facts.

3) Intelligence Excusitis - I am too young        (or too old) to do that
      To get rid of this type of thinking
a) Always be positive about your age.Its neither too early nor too late to do good things.
b)Always count your productive age and not the birthdays.
c) Invest future time in doing what you really want to do.

4)Luck Excusitis-"I am not lucky.I am gifted with bad luck."
          This excusitis is nearly found in everyone except the success achievers.To cure this
a) Accept the law of cause and effect.Nothing happens without cause.
b) Don't be wishful thinker. Don't strain your mental muscles dreaming of an effortless way to win success.

Chapter 3. Build Confidence And Destroy Fear.
                Fear is real. It's a form of psychological infection.It has several kinds - the fear of people,the fear of failure, fear of loosing someone etc. Fear is our greatest enemy in the way to success. It destroys our confidence. Here are some tips to overcome fear and build confidence.
a) Action cures fear. Identify your fear and take action constructively.
b) Whatever be the situation just add or withdraw positive thoughts from your memory bank.
c) Put people in proper perspective. Remember every human is much more like to others.
d) Do the things what your conscience tells you is right.Doing the things that our conscience do not feel right produces guilt and then finally destroys confidence.
e) Practice activities that shows confidence. Like- Being front seater,making of eye contact,walking 25 %faster,speaking up in meetings,smiling big.

Chapter 4:- How to Think Big
       In this chapter the author reveals us the practical way to think big.He explains with various day to day examples how a single positive thought chosen to reply a action can change the further course of all reactions.Author has given some simple hacks to master over Big Thinking . These are as follows
a) Don't sell yourself short.                Concentrate on your assets.
b) Mind thinks in images only so      always use big, bright,                     cheerful words that produces        pleasant images.
c) See what it can be, not what it       is. Try to see the whole jungle       in the single seed.
d) Always think that whatever         your job is it's of mere                      importance.
e) Before getting involved in               petty matters like quarrel ask        yourself " is it really                        important?"

Chapter 5:- How to think and dream Creatively.
   Creative thinking is simply finding new, improved ways to do anything. To enhance your creative thinking
a) Believe the work can be done.
   Eliminate- impossible, can't do,      won't work - from your                  thinking and speaking                     vocabulary.
b) Be experimental.Try new               approaches.
c)Ask yourself daily " How can I          do better?" " How can I do             more?"
d)Practice asking and listening.
e) Stretch your mind. Get                    stimulated. Associate with              people who can help you               think new ideas.

Chapter 6:- You are what you think you are.
          This chapter speaks about improving self respect. To improve yourself in your own eyes-
A) Look important. Dress-up like      a important guy.
B) Give respect to what you do.         It will help you to do your job      better.
C) Give yourself a pep talk. Build     a 'Sell-yourself- to - yourself-         commercial.' For example Tom     Staley's commercial given by          the author.
D) In any situation ask yourself
  " Is this  the way an important       person thinks?"

Chapter 7:- Manage your Environmen.Go first class.
              Our thinking is product our environment and our conscience. Our environment impact our thinking.In order to be successful we have to choose, cultivate our environment with positivity.Here are some simple ways to do so..
A) Be environment conscious. Be      selective as you are about              food. Choose positive,not               poisonous - negative.
B) Make environment work for        you,not against you. Take the        negative,'you can't do - people'     as a challenge.Don't let them          make you think defeat.
C) Don't let small thinking                  people hold you back.
D)Get your advices from                    successful persons and not           from failures.
E) Circulate in new groups.               Discover new and stimulating       things.
F) Avoid gossips. It's a thought          poison.
G) Choose always the first class         things.

Chapter 8:- Make your Attitudes your Allies.
       Here you will find three most important attitudes for success.
A) 'I am activated' attitude-  Be            enthusiastic.
     - Dig and learn more about the things in which you find yourself uninterested.
     - Life up your every activity.
    Ex. Smile,handshake,talk,walk.
     - Broadcasts good news only.

B) ' You are Important' attitude-        make others feel important.
 -appreciate at every opportunity.
 - Call people by their names.
C) 'Service First' attitude- remember  ' service is a money seed. Give people more than they expect and watch money take care of itself.

Chapter 9:- Think Right towards people.
          People around you are important.You are never pulled up but always pushed up towards success by your colleagues.This chapter says in short-
A) Be likable. Take initiative to         build friendships.Introduce            yourself to others at every              opportunity.
B) Accept that everyone is                 different and no one is                   perfect.Also never be a                    reformer.
C) Always fund qualities to like a     person.
D) Let others talk.
E) Practice courtesy all the time.
F) Don't blame others when you     receive a setback. " How you          think when you loose                      determines how long it will be       untill you win."

Chapter 10:- Get the Action Habit

          Ideas alone don't give success. You have to act upon them.To build the action habit-
A) Be activationist. Take actions.
B) Don't wait until the conditions      are perfect. They'll never be.
C) Don't wait for the spirit to               move you. Take actions.Start         your mental engine                          mechanically.
D) Build 'Right Now' attitude.
E) Seize the initiative. Want to          start something? Just don't             wait. Start it. Others will                follow you according to the            importance of your work.

Chapter 11:- How to turn Defeat into Victory

        Our success merely depends upon how we see our defeats. To change the attitude towards setbacks you  should-
A) Study and learn from failures.
B) Be courageous to                               constructively criticize                   yourself.
C) Stop blaming luck.
D) Blend persistence with                 experimentation. Be persistent     but always try new                          ways.Because same methods         would produce same results .
E) Remember There is good side     of every situation.

Chapter 12:- How to use goals to Grow.
  A)Fix your goal. Create an                 image of yourself ten years          from  now.
B) Make a ten year plan.Write          down what you want to                  accomplish in next ten years         at  your work,home and                social department.
C)Surrender yourself to desires.        Don't murder them.
D) Let your major goal be your        automatic pilot.
E) Go on one step at a time.
G)Build 30 day goals and follow        them.
H) Always have plan B .Use it in        necessity.
I) Invest in yourself. In                       education. In things that build      mental power and efficiency.

Chapter 13:-How to think like a leader

A)Develop power to trade minds with people.Always think from the point of view of the person you want to influence.
B) Use ' Being human' attitude. Whenever you have a disagreeable situation always ask  "What  is the most human,most kind way to deal with it?"and let your actions show that you put people first.
C) Think progress. Believe Progress. Think Improvement and Hugh standards in everything you do.
D) Give time to confer yourself.Use solitude for self inspection.

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  1. An inspiring book that will teach you to think beyond the mundane, every day, status quo. The enemy we call "average" threatens to take away the hopes, dreams, and meaning in our lives. Strive for excellence in everything you do. If you want something you've never had, you'll have to do something you've never done.
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