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Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Word Power Made Easy-Norman Lewis (pdf)(Best book to increase Vocabulary)

     "Without grammar little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed"
                           -David Wilkins

Vocabulary plays a crucial role in learning any language.We can't express ourselves perfectly without  having proper  vocabulary.One having good command on vocabulary feels confident when it comes to public speaking.He knows that he is not going to have shortage of words.Therefore he need not to spend time on choosing words while speaking and that's why he speaks with more confidence.
             English language being world's one of the most spoken language,it's vocabulary is most important to those who want to grow in this modern world.

How to improve (increase)your vocabulary?:-
                  To increase vocabulary we can use following methods:-
1)Read a lot:-  reading provides you a number of new words.Whenever you come across a new word just search for its meaning and write down it into your journal.Revise it as much as possible.
2) Remembering the words from dictionary
         These both methods are not applicable because prior one distracts us from our main motive of reading that is understanding and later one requires painstaking efforts.
Then what to do to improve vocabulary?Here is the solution.
Read the books that speak about vocabulary. Word power made easy is the best book in this category.It introduces you to various  amazing words in most engaging and entertaining manner.

About the Book:-
Word Power Made Easy was first published 1949.This book is comprehensive vocabulary building system created by legendary grammarian Norman Lewis.It provides simple step by step method to increase your knowledge and mastery of english language.It is world's most effective vocabulary builder in English language.

This Book will help you to:-
1)build superior vocabulary
2) improve pronunciations
3)learn basics of etymology
4)read more effectively and            efficiently
5)speak and write with                     confidence
6)keep learning new words
7)build your self assurance

Basic theme of the Book:-
       According to a research a typical ten year old has a recognition vocabulary of over 20000 words and has been learning many hundred of new words every year since the age of four.
It means that we all have nearly similar congenital capacity to learn new words. But at the age of ten 
   Did you spend hours everyday poring over dictionary?
  Did you keep notebooks full of new words that you ever heard or read?
No.Not at all.Then what was the method we learnt that amount of words at the age of ten? The method was to keep learning for all the moments.The constant and insatiable desire to know and understand made us to improve our vocabulary unconsciously.Then with time we lost our that desire for knowledge and it reduced our rate of learning new words.The main theme of this book is to help us to recapture that desire.

          Also words are symbols for ideas and understanding.You will learn various ideas in most entertaining way that you will never forget those words.

Structure of the book:-
This is a kind of a practical book.You need not to read in a single sitting.If you follow the author's instructions about reading this book you will gain maximum out of it.You have to work with this book. There are number of chapters in this book.Every chapter is connected to a phenomena of human behaviour.These chapters are devided into various sessions.These sessions contain basic ideas,how they are described with words,and associated words with those ideas which has etymologically similar roots.In each session there are exercises to check yourself after learning the ideas.
Also at the end of every chapter there is a exercise to check whether you remember the words,their roots, and ideas behind those words.

           An average reader will complete this book in a month or two.When you will have read this book completely, I am very sure that you will not remain the same person you were before reading this book.
(Giving the file already present on internet.If there is any copyright issue the do inform.)

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