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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma.(Summary with free pdf download)

           This book is one of the masterpiece of the self mastery books.The author,Robin Sharma has collected nearly all the worldly wisdom alongwith some practical methods and presented it in the form of a captivating story. The book is totally filled with ideas and methods that will surely help you to enhance in every sector of your life. The one who wants to succeed,live a happier life, must read this book.

                                                                About 'The Monk who sold his ferrari' :-

The book is being read all over the world. Even the world class masters,motivators,writers, entrepreneurs all of them have read it and highly recommend it.Here are some examples of what the great men of our time have said about the book-

Plot of the story:-

John is the narrator of the story. He is struggling lawyer doing die hard work to gain more,to enhance his buisness. The story begins with failling down of Julian Mantle in the middle of courtroom due to heart attack.Julian Mantle is John's master,friend and a well known litigator of the country.Julian is shown as true epitome of luxurious life achieving which many of us think is  success.Julian has fame,money and all the things that we just dream about.He lives in marvellous bungalow, roams in his red ferrari,hangs out with most beautiful models of the town and goes for party on every alternate day.Though he has everything but he is not happy genuinely.He appears much more older than his actual age.And then one day he falls down in courtroom.After that he does not meet John for three years.John knows nothing about Julian now except that Julian has sold all his belongings and headed off to India.


                  After three years, on one evening when John is sitting in his office Julian comes to see him. At first John is unable to recognise him because he has changed totally.There are no marks of old age on his body and face. Infact he looks much more younger than his actual age. Being enchantered by seeing the transformation of Julian Mantle, John wishes to know the secret of his transformation. Here Julian tells him all about his journey to India and thereafter to the oasis in Himalayas called as Sivana.Julian tells to John how he met Yogi Raman and all other sages of Sivana and qhat he learned from them that transformed his life.The wisdom shared by Julian mainly consist of a fable which was told by Yogi Raman.This fable is nothing but the imaginary story which helps to remember every part of Julian's wisdom.

Yogi Raman's Fable:-

                  Imagine a magnificent,lush,green garden filled with the most spectacular flowers you have ever seen.The environment is supremely tranquil and silent. Try to enjoy the garden. As you look around you will see a towering, red light house in the middle of the garden. Suddenly the silence of the garden is broken due to opening sound of doors of the light house. From this door comes out a nine feet tall, nine hundred pound Japanese Sumo wreatler. The Sumo wanders in the garden.He is totally maked except a Pink Wire covering his private parts. The Sumo wrestler with this pink wire sleeps on a Golden Stopwatch while wandering  falls to the ground and lies there unconscious. After some time when the fragrance of Yellow Roses stirr him, he awakens. Then he jumps on his legs and intuitively looks at his left. He is startled to see a long winding path covered with millions of sparkling Diamonds. He takes the path and this path leads him down the road of everlasting joy and eternal bliss.

The Symbols in the fable and the virtues they represents are:-

For every virtue there is some wisdom associated with it and some practical methods to imbibe these virtues in life.
I am giving a short recap of all the wiadom shared by Julian as it is given in the book itself.

Though we have quick recap of all the wisdom but to know the methods and gain the knowledge in depth you must read the book. Actually the conversation between Julian and John alongwith the short reflections of John provides solutions to nearly all the problems you are facing!
The wisdom apllies to everyone . So read it and enjoy the journey of your transformation.

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  1. it's a fable, and it's one that will certainly make you give some thought to your life, thank you for sharing.
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