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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

THE 5 A.M. CLUB[Own your morning, Elevate your life]

 "The 5 AM CLUB- Own your morning, Elevate your life" is a book written by Robin Sharma.The 5AM Club is being read all over the world and it is helping millions of people to elevate their lives.The 5 AM Club is one of the trending book today.Here I am going to share with you what i i learn from this book and how  The 5 AM club helped me;but before that i would like to introduce you to the book in short.


 Plot of the story:-

                             The story of The 5AM Club revolves around four main characters - Entrepreneur, artist, Billionaire, and Spell-binder. The Entrepreneur is a woman in her thirties. She is smart, intelligent and hardworking. She has built a business and has taken to the top. But right now in the story she is facing a big trouble as shareholders in her company are planning to kick her out. They torture her mentally so at a point she decides to end her life by taking sleeping pills. The Artist is a painter. Like number of other artists he is also struggling for success. He is well versed. He reads a lot  and remembers that too. He knows that there is something lacking in his art so he is in search of that missing element. Once he finds it his work is going to become masterpiece. Billionaire is the real hero of the story. He is a business tycoon in his fifties. He is the one who is going to give you all the lessons. His knowledge, weirdness, kindness, loving nature - all qualities make you fall in love with him. Then finally comes the Spell-binder. The Spell-binder is the personal mentor of the Billionaire. The source of Billionaire's fabulous knowledge and luxurious life. The way that the Billionaire is living is totally based on the methods developed by Spell-Binder. You will find Spell-Binder the most energizing personality. His words will inspire you a lot.

                 The story begins with Entrepreneur. She is at her home thinking of attempting suicide. She is about to take sleeping pills and take exit from the story but luckily she finds a envelop sent by her mother. The envelope contains pass to the Spell-binder's self-  help  seminar. She decides to give it a chance thinking that the show might help her and leaves the thought of ending her life. At the show she meets artist and Billionaire. The first meeting is really entertaining. There the Entrepreneur and the Artist find that the man , the Billionaire is someone who can help them. The Billionaire invites them to his The 5AM Club and both of them accept the invitation without any hesitation. The journey of becoming a member of The 5AM Club begins here. While teaching the most effective methods  to elevate our life the author takes us to world's most beautiful places along with Entrepreneur and the Artist. Meanwhile the story keeps you entertained by its suspense and love chemistry between Entrepreneur and the Artist.

Main Theme of the book:-

                                             Though the title The 5 AM Club sounds like something developed mainly to wake you up at 5am early in the morning but it is not so. Along with installing the the habit of rising early in the morning it helps to elevate our day to day life too. First of all, all the methods and lessons in the book are based on neurological facts. The author makes you understand the science of our brains .By understanding this you can easily master your brain and make it work the way you want. Also this book helps you to boost your will power. As everything, every change starts in the mind first, The 5 AM Club provides the best nourishment to the mind.

What I liked Most:- 

                                 Granularity principle, 20/20/20 farmulae and 10 Tactics of Lifelong Genius are some important ideas that i liked most. Granularity principle says that rather than doing things superficially, we should do it to the deepest level possible. You will be more productive when doing one thing in depth than doing several things at superficial level. Also the 20/20/20 farmulae gives us the management of first hour of our day 5am -6am, so that the remaining hours of the day would be as productive as possible. The 10 Tactics of The Lifelong Genius are as follows:-

Few Quotes That I liked Most:-

Life is too short to play small with your talent.

* Limitation is nothing more than the mentality that too many good people practice daily untill they believe it is reality.

* Too many among us die at thirty and are buried at eighty.

* The samllest implementation is always worth than the grandest of intension.

*World class begins where your comfort zone ends.

* The place where your greatest discomfort lies is also the part where your largest opportunity lives.

*We only hear what we are ready to hear.

* All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at end.

*An addiction to distraction is death of your creative production

*Your past is a place to be learnt fron and not a home to be lived in.

About the Author:-
                         Robin Sharma is globally respected humanitarian and widely considered as one of the top leadership experts. His clients include many 100 Fortune Companies and Global Organisations such as NASA,NIKE, IBM, ORACLE etc.He is well known for his best seller book- The Monk who hesold his Ferrari.
The  books written by Robin Sharma are as follows:-
* The Monk Who sold His Ferrari
* The greatness guide1,2

*The leader who had no title

*Who will cry when you die?

*Leadership wisdom from the Monk who sold his Ferrari

*Family wisdom from the Monk who sold his Ferrari

*Discover your Destiny with the Monk who sold his ferrari

*The secret letters from the Monk who sold His Ferrari

*The Mastery mannual

*The Little Black Book of Stunning Success

* The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO

*Daily inspiration from the Monk who Sold his Ferrari.

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